Worship Arts

New Covenant believes that there is nothing more important in life than worship, which should be a defining mark of who we are, what we do, and where we are going as a congregation. We understand worship as much more than singing — more like a conversation between us and God that takes place not just on Sunday mornings but throughout our lives.

We want our worship to glorify God and be gospel-centered in order that God’s spirit may transform us through it. As a PCA church, we want our worship to be winsomely reformed, rooted in history, and true to the scriptures while also being accessible to each generation in our culture. Our worship should be beautiful, undistracting, and excellent, and it is important that worship be a conversation as we communicate a presentation of the gospel story consistently through liturgical structures of adoration, confession, assurance, thanksgiving, petition, instruction, and blessing each Sunday morning.

New Covenant’s current music style is a blend of traditional and re-made hymns, modern hymns, and contemporary music. We typically have a worship band of four to six members (in addition to vocalists), and we incorporate piano, keyboard, guitar, electric guitar, and drums into our music most weeks. While some of our music comes straight from the hymnal, we often sing remade versions and use songs from the Gettys and Sovereign Grace, as well as various contemporary artists that maintain theological integrity and can be adapted to congregational singing.

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