Before connecting your child with a learning and worship environment, we want you to know the heart and passion of our programming. Our ministry is guided by the following principles:

We are Word-centered. Our prayer is that each child gains a deep understanding of the beauty of God’s Word, and learns to apply it to everyday struggles.

We believe in the wonder of worship. We long for every child to experience the majesty of God in the order and design of corporate worship.

We are reformed, but not moralistic. We’re focused on showcasing the beauty of the grace of Jesus, while showcasing this truth through the doctrines of our reformed heritage. We avoid reducing the Bible into a collection of moralistic tales.

We believe in creating a pattern of faith. As a team, our mission is to showcase a joy-filled, vibrant faith in every interaction.

We believe in the essential role of parents in spiritual formation. It’s why we’re committed to these principles:

  • Clear Communication. We ensure regular, two-way dialog between ministry leaders and parents.
  • Partnerships. We provide ongoing training opportunities to encourage and equip parents.
  • Parental Volunteering & Engagement. Parents are invited to take an active role in serving.
  • Rest. We limit the scheduling of parent volunteers to protect their ability to participate in regular worship.
  • Age-Appropriate Settings. We’re committed to providing environments that are right sized for learning and worship.
  • Movement. Our goal in worship isn’t compliance or order. Children are free to move around and express themselves as long as they are not distracting other children.
  • Individualized Attention. Each child will learn and grow in their special, God-given way. We embrace this uniqueness.

We’d love to get to know you better.

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