Winter Update: Generosity and Prayer

Dear New Covenant Family,

Over the last year, we have seen God growing our church in humility, hospitality, service, and commitment to community, and we have asked him to continue that. I’m writing to provide a bit of an update on things God has been doing in those areas that might not be visible to you, and also to ask you to pray about a few things. You heard a bit about this in recent worship services, but the other elders and I would like to make sure everyone has this information.

We have seen God move big time in women’s ministry, small groups, and making NCF a blessing to our community—particularly those around us who do not know the grace and truth of Jesus Christ…yet! Here are just a few recent examples: God has motivated 26 women to sign up for the new SPUR groups and 55 to attend Wisdom Seekers, an increase of about 15—including many who are new to NCF and new to Christianity. He has coalesced a new group of men to meet and discuss Tim Keller’s new book, put the calling on another man’s heart to serve as an elder, motivated two women to serve as Children in the Word teachers, and continued to keep our deacons and deaconesses extremely busy with mercy ministry.

These are awesome developments! Please pray that God will continue to grow NCF in all of these ways and more.

We have also seen God growing NCF in generosity, and we asked him to continue that. A year ago, at the end of 2018, we saw such an outpouring of generosity that the other elders and I had to celebrate it with confetti. As December 31, 2019, without the confetti, God has provided almost exactly the same amount of general fund revenue as a year ago—which is awesome. We have also seen God provide about $5,000 to refill our Deacons Fund after all the mercy ministry Dave Andrews told us about recently, and $3,000 for the ministry in Asia Jeff Coleman described on December’s Fifth Sunday.

This should fill us with gratitude! And it should also motivate us to ask God to sustain this generosity, as even with what he’s done so far, general fund revenues are still about $15,000 below our new budget, and mercy ministry opportunities continue to abound. Please pray about this, and consider these ministry opportunities as you apportion the money God has blessed you with in 2020.

Finally, we have seen God bless our staff and us through them. By providing us the amazing and omni-capable Janie Conway, and also with both Joe Slack and Matt Pillsbury, God provided Brett with a much-needed break after Christmas—and every week, he provides us, through Joe and Matt, with flourishing youth ministry and worship services that fill us with joy in new ways. Please pray that God will continue to bless their work, that God will continue to move us to be sacrificially generous so we can provide for them as they sacrificially serve us in the image of Christ, and that God will encourage Joe and Matt and their wives Nicole and Emily as they continue to pursue ordination over the next several months.

In Christ,

Charles Mitchell
Clerk of Session



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