3 Ways to Explore God’s Word

Nothing compares to the riches available to us and our children in God’s word. One of our highest privileges is to play tour guide, introducing our kids to those riches. There are lots of ways to do it—and you should do what is best for your family, without guilt. As you consider your role as a tour guide this school year,

New Covenant invites you and your children into three ways you can explore God’s Word together with others:

Children in the Word will restart on Sunday evenings at 6 PM on September 15, and will continue weekly throughout the year with breaks for holidays (including of course the Chili Bowl). The younger class, for about age four through kindergarten, ends at 7 PM, after which child care is available until 8 PM. The older class, for first through third grade, officially ends at 8 PM, but if your child needs to leave sooner, that is fine. Your children are warmly invited to participate.

If you would like to see your life changed by building relationships with eager students of God’s word, you are invited to help lead Children in the Word. Adult leaders take two- to four-week shifts, according to their schedules and desires, with a curriculum provided. If you are interested in joining me as a leader, contact Charles Mitchell at cmitch05@gmail.com.

Whether you or your children participate in Children in the Word or not, New Covenant provides a family devotion guide, Old Story New, that you are invited to use at home. As important as New Covenant’s in-the-building ministries are, they pale in comparison to what we all do the other six days a week, and this resource provides a good backbone for us. If you are keeping pace with Children in the Word in Old Story New, pick up in Chapter 18 on September 16. If you don’t have your copy and want one, please ask Janie Conway in the church office. Of course, there are many other ways to lead our children through the Bible; this is just one option you are invited to use if you wish.

May God richly bless our children this year as he conforms them to the likeness of his Son!



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