Worship Pastor Search Committee FAQ

The Worship Pastor Search Committee would like to answer all of your questions.

What in the world have you guys been doing in the past six months?

The committee reviewed a number of candidates last spring and summer, however, none of them turned out to be the man that God was calling to our congregation. The committee decided to take down the job posting in order to rest, regroup, and let the holidays pass. During that time, many people worked furiously to update our church’s website, which the committee is excited about because it will almost certainly be the first interaction an applicant has with our congregation. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make that happen.

Why does New Covenant need a Worship Pastor?

At New Covenant, we believe that there is nothing more important in life than worship — it defines who we are, what we do, and where we’re going. We want all of our lives to be worship to God, and it’s our goal as a congregation that worship on Sunday inspires and instructs our worship for the rest of the week. As the Session looked at how the pastoral staff allotted their time, the need became apparent to bring on an additional staff member to focus primarily on worship because worship — all-of-life worship — is a big deal.

What exactly is a Worship Pastor? What’s the difference between a Music Director and a Worship Pastor?

New Covenant is deliberately not looking for a music director who will simply select songs and make the music part of worship services happen. A musically-capable worship pastor will be able to lead the service through song and use his theological training to lay out all elements of a theologically sound worship service from beginning to end. He will also be able to focus on relationships, mentor musicians and others in their spiritual development, and encourage and teach the congregation in their knowledge and understanding of worship as more than just singing songs — all-of-life worship.

Is there a new job description for the worship pastor?

The committee, with input from the Session, did update the job description to include more information about our congregation and the position itself. You can view it here. The key qualifications and core responsibilities remain unchanged, though the Session asked us to make clear to applicants that our congregation intends to develop this newly created position around the particular candidate that God brings to our church. As such, other responsibilities will be added to the core of the position depending on the candidate’s gifts, abilities, experience, and interests.

Can I send this job description to…?

Yes! Please distribute the job description among your network and encourage anyone you know who may be interested to contact the committee. Here is the link again.

How can I be praying about all of this?

Thank you for asking. We as a committee are very aware that we cannot make this process happen in our own strength, and we need the prayers of all of you. Please pray that God would make this second round of our search swift and clear. Please pray that he would give the committee and the Session direction and discernment regarding the applicants and candidates that come forward. Pray that we as a committee would communicate well. Begin to pray for the man that God is calling to New Covenant — pray that the Lord would lead and direct him and his family during this process. Pray that God would be honored and glorified in the worship of NCF both during and after this search.

Wait, I still have more questions. And some concerns too.

Please do not hesitate to contact Charissa Mitchell or any member of the search committee. We would be happy to talk in more detail about these questions and any others that you might have. The Session is also intimately involved in this process and is available to discuss as well.



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