Love Thy Body

Brett Hartman

Dear Family and Friends of New Covenant,

This is your pastor. Have you noticed lately that all the defining moments of our culture are spinning around human life and sexuality? As a Christian it’s hard to find a voice. The critics imply if you don’t have any personal experience or a close network of friends who do, “back off!” After all, who are you to impose your view? Why not allow people to do what they want to do? As they say, ‘let bygones be bygones?’

Good question. The answer. Loving our neighbor means to speak up.

To say we care about someone means we desire their good. As a community we should get as good a grasp on these issues as we can. But where do we begin? Abortion, assisted suicide, sexual promiscuity, homosexuality, transgenderism, and so on. We typically try to make sense of these issues one at a time but what if they all share a common underlying set of principles or core convictions? What if we could find an insider’s map to this moral wasteland?

One of the leading Evangelical thinkers of our time, Nancy Pearcey, does just that. In her book, Love Thy Body, Pearcy cultivates a garden in the wasteland. One in which we can discover together “a positive, life-affirming view of the human person—one that is more inspiring, more appealing, and more liberating than the secular worldview.”

Mark your calendar for February 24th beginning at 6:30 PM in the sanctuary at New Covenant.

My goals are the following:

  1. To help you understand the global secularism that is emerging.
  2. To give you a framework on which to address the culture and our children’s experience.
  3. To equip you to explain that the biblical position on abortion, homosexuality, and other sexual issues is actually inspired by a higher view of the value of the body.

Let’s start learning together,
Pastor Brett



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