Parents, Welcome to 2018!

At the dawn of this new year, the Children’s Ministry Leadership Team has some exciting news to share with you.

First, Children in Worship, on Sunday mornings, will now use the same curriculum as Sunday evenings – the Gospel Story Curriculum by Marty Machowski. In the morning, the children will be walking through the New Testament beginning with Luke 2:22 where Jesus is presented in the temple. In the evening, in Children in the Word, they will continue to walk through the Old Testament. The children will continue to learn a new hymn each month and practice the other elements of worship in Children in Worship. Worship leaders will use the content of the curriculum to prepare the message that they present to the children each week.

We encourage you to continue your family worship using Machowski’s family worship guide, Long Story Short, which parallels the Old Testament lessons. If you do not have a copy of Long Story Short, please contact Janie in the church office. You can find the Long Story Short passage that corresponds to the Children in the Word evening lessons listed in the bulletin each week.

The second new thing is the format for the children’s memory verses. In 2018, each family will receive a ring of laminated cards for the whole year. They will be larger, and on each card, there will be a longer passage of scripture. Each passage is divided into three sections designated circle, square, and triangle. Preschool children (age four, age five, and kindergarten) can memorize the verse under the circle. Lower Elementary children (first, second, and third grade) can memorize verses under the circle and the square. Older siblings (fourth grade and up) and parents (yes, us!) can memorize the whole passage. As children advance through the program, they will be adding verses every year to the same passages of Scripture. These verses will be practiced by children participating in Children in Worship (Sunday Mornings) and Children in the Word (Sunday Evenings). As in the past, children will be given the chance to recite their verses and receive a knight figurine on the last Sunday morning of each month. We pray that these verses would equip them to fight the good fight by taking up the sword of the Spirit which is the word of God.

May God continue to bless the children of NCF, and you!



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