Maundy Thursday & Easter Worship

Join us as we journey through the celebration of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Maundy Thursday is a celebration of the events at the Last Supper and culminates with Christ’s sacrificial offering at the cross. This holistic experience draws on the tradition of a Tenebrae service as together we recall the via dolorosa (way of grief) taken by Jesus. As the lights extinguish into darkness and silence sets in we are drawn into the story that shapes and defines our lives.

Maundy Thursday, April 13

7:00pm| Maundy Thursday Service

*Childcare provided for infants up to age 3

Nobody was ready for Easter. Mary thinks the body of Jesus was stolen. Peter see the linens and can’t figure it out. The disciples can’t decipher the scriptures. Mary mistakes Jesus for a gardner. You could hardly be more confused. Easterhas burst into our world, the world of space, time and matter, the world of real history, real people, and real life, but our minds are too small to contain it.

The first Christian’s weren’t prepared for what actually happened. But the resurrection of Jesus becomes the center of world history. It isn’t a one off. It isn’t one truth among many. It isn’t a universal for all. It’s the axis mundi.

Easter at New Covenant is a celebration. In a world that offers a glass that’s half empty and getting emptierthe resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth sends a shockwave of new possibilities previously unimagined. God’s new world was born on Easter Sunday. And as Easter people, we’re called to enter into a celebration of Jesus’ love and joy making his kingdom and justice known to the world.

Easter Sunday, April 16

8:30am| Easter Breakfast

10:00am| Easter Worship Celebration

*Full programming for nursery through 3rd grade at the 10am service.

*Resurrection EasterEgg hunt for those attending Children in Worship



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