New Series: Summer in the Psalms

Welcome to the summer and welcome to the Psalms or what John Calvin entitled “An Anatomy of all Parts of the Soul.” We live in an increasingly image driven world with a decreasing appetite for words but these 150 poems express a wide bandwidth of the ‘everyday’ for faithful believers.

Here are the questions we’ll be traversing over the summer months:

Where do we find substance? Can we actually experience happiness in this life? How do we know when we really actually encountered God? How do we fight against the fear of the future? What is human dignity and why does it matter? What do I do when my soul doesn’t resonate with God’s? What do I do when I’m spiritually dry, or sad, or riddled with doubts? Why does worship matter? Who is this God I go into the sanctuary to meet? Why do his words matter? What is the way that leads to life?

We live in an always-on world of constant distractions and hyper-connectivity with endless choices. But over the next three months let me encourage you, as we build our capacity for the Scriptures together, to engage your curiosity and relax in the presence of these Psalms:

June 5 · Psalm 1 · Substance
June 12 · Psalm 63 · Transcendence
June 19 · Psalm 14 · Certainty
June 26 · Psalm 8 · Identity
July 3 · Psalm 42 · Dryness
July 10 · Psalm 16 · Sadness
July 17 · Psalm 73 · Doubt
July 24 · Psalm 95 · Worship
July 31 · Psalm 139 · God
August 7 · Psalm 19 · Word
August 14 · Psalm 22 · Salvation

Explore and Enjoy,
Pastor Brett



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