Rejoice! Jesus Saves!

Dear New Covenant Family, Friends, & Neighbors,

Easter at New Covenant is our biggest Sunday of the year. Why? Because Jesus is alive. And because Jesus is alive, we are alive, our hope is alive, and NCF is alive. If you are a regular attender please invite a friend to this resurrection celebration. Don’t let your neighbors sit at home and merely watch a service on the television or the Internet. We were meant to enjoy worship with God’s people and we believe that everyone needs to be in a local church.

Easter Breakfast & Worship

First, they can keep their kitchens clean as we start off Easter morning by breaking bread together with a delicious Easter Breakfast beginning at 9 AM. Then, at 9:45 AM, NCF’s very own Jeff and Rebecca Coleman will guide our children through the events of that first Easter morning with the resurrection story. Third, beginning at 10:30 AM, our resurrection celebration will include some of the richest music we sing all year long as we gather with our children to lift up our risen savior who conquered Satan, sin, and death. My Easter Sunday sermon will be relatively short (yet, another Easter miracle) and I will clearly explain the nature of the gospel for those you invite to come and claim Christ as their own.

Jesus is worth celebrating!

-Pastor Brett

So join us at our Easter service as we celebrate Christ’s resurrection from the dead and His victory over sin. We encourage you to invite your family and friends to attend with you and hear the gospel proclaimed.



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