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Series: Gospel of John

Who are you? How do you identify yourself? Where do you get your self-identity? Actually, there are two ways we can go for an answer. We can look at other people and listen to what they say about us or we can listen to ourselves, or, in most cases, both. Here comes John the Baptist. He’s very popular but he didn’t come up through the right channels. He wasn’t educated by a recognizable Rabbi and he didn’t receive his credentials from an approved religious institution. On top of that he terribly underestimates himself and yet, despite all this, he’s doing something completely radical—he’s baptizing.  Who is this man? How does he identify himself? When asked John the Baptist simply states “I am the voice.” Is that possible for us? Come and find out as we examine:

  1. John’s Brilliant Underestimation
  2. John’s  Astounding  Witness
  3. The reason we need to have both
  4. What it all means



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