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Born to Be King

Life Principle: Palm Sunday is an incredible parable of the life long mismatch of what we think and need and what God has provided. Matthew 21:1-17 Pastor Brett Hartman

Our Plans – God’s Itinerary

Life Principle: When we walk down the valley of suffering God’s hiddenness does not equate to his absence. Job 1 Pastor Brett Hartman

A Light Where No Light Is Found

Life Principle: All shall work for good; everything is needful that He sends; nothing can be needful that He withholds. (John Newton) Daniel 3:8-11 Pastor Brett Hartman

Picking a Path

Life Principle: Because Jesus is a man of sorrows, adversity, handled correctly, drives us like a nail deeper into the reality of God and his love for us. Matthew 4:1-14 Pastor Brett Hartman