NCF Event Cancellation Procedures

On occasion the need arises to decide whether to cancel or postpone activities and events due to inclement weather (i.e. snow, ice, etc.) It is the policy and procedure of NCF to entrust the decision of whether or not to attend its services and activities to its members in the event of inclement weather. We feel that our members can best decide for themselves whether it is safe for them to travel.

However, when the need arises for a decision to be made at the staff level to cancel a function, the below guidelines will be followed:

We will continue to follow ABC27, CBS21, & CW15 website/TV alerts and communicate to NCF via our website ( and Facebook updates if any services or events are to be cancelled. You may also call the church office (732-8500, press 8) to hear delay/closing notifications. If you have a Facebook account, be sure to “Like” our page to ensure you will see our updates to these matters.

In the event of forecasted snowstorms or other weather-related events, any decision to cancel any weekday evening activities held at NCF will be made by 3 PM and for any Sunday morning service will be made by 7 AM Sunday. The church staff and deacons will coordinate these decisions and be sure to communicate rapidly to the church body should a cancellation be necessary.



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