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The Resurrection

Life Principle: The resurrection of Christ means that Jesus is with you wherever you go, in what you do, and forever to the end of your story. Scripture: Matthew 28 Pastor Brett Hartman

Weeping As the World Watches

Life Principle: Jesus wept over Jerusalem. Tears are the first sign of tenderly moving towards the needs of other with the intent to help. Scripture: Luke 19:28-44 Pastor Brett Hartman

Others: Grace – God’s Generosity

Life Principle: In order to be radically generous toward others we need to find out the secret of being contented—of being gratified—of being, as the Scriptures call it, happy. Scripture: Luke 18:9-17 Pastor Brett Hartman

Others: The Key to Loving Others — Forgiveness

Life Principle: To love others who have hurt you, at its deepest level, the taste of forgiveness must come from the One most offended. Scripture: Luke 17:3-10 Pastor Brett Hartman

Others: A Generous Blessing to Others

Life Principle: You are God’s work of art created uniquely to display his generosity in and through your lives. Scripture: Luke 9:49-10:2 Pastor Brett Hartman