The Resurrection

Life Principle: The resurrection of Christ means that Jesus is with you wherever you go, in what you do, and forever to the end of your story. Scripture: Matthew 28 Pastor Brett Hartman

Weeping As the World Watches

Life Principle: Jesus wept over Jerusalem. Tears are the first sign of tenderly moving towards the needs of other with the intent to help. Scripture: Luke 19:28-44 Pastor Brett Hartman

Others: Grace – God’s Generosity

Life Principle: In order to be radically generous toward others we need to find out the secret of being contented—of being gratified—of being, as the Scriptures call it, happy. Scripture: Luke 18:9-17 Pastor Brett Hartman

Alive – Easter at NCF 2013

The faith family at New Covenant Fellowship invites you to celebrate the risen Lord with us this Easter!  If you’ve been on what seems like an endless quest for a church where authentic worship and Gospel-saturated preaching are the aim of each of our weekly...

Others: The Key to Loving Others — Forgiveness

Life Principle: To love others who have hurt you, at its deepest level, the taste of forgiveness must come from the One most offended. Scripture: Luke 17:3-10 Pastor Brett Hartman