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All Things New

Life Principle: Arriving in the Promised Land does not mean the dangers, toils and snares are over; it simply means we are better equipped to handle them. Scripture: Matthew 2:13-23 Pastor Joe Slack


Life Principle: The “good news” is not God will destroy and start from scratch,  but that God intends to redeem all his creation through a new exodus accomplished in the death and resurrection of Jesus. Scripture: Numbers 21:4-9, John 3:14-15 Pastor Brett...

The Grasshopper Effect

Life Principle: Under the power of slavery our greatest enemy isn’t the bullies we face, the failures we experience, or the giants who loom over us. Our greatest vulnerability is our willingness to settle. Scripture: Numbers 13 Pastor Brett...


Life Principle: Maybe the real problem is that we really don’t know what the problem is to begin with. Scripture: Numbers 11 Pastor Brett Hartman