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Navigating the Wilderness: A 40th Anniversary Series

You were in Egypt. Now you’re in the wilderness. Welcome to the wilderness. Welcome to a journey of forty years. Forty years of deepening, humbling, refining, and drawing back into authentic relationship with Him. At the core of this journey is the furnace of transformation. Why?  Because if we are to navigate this wilderness successfully we must leave something behind, we must break free from our former lives, and we must do the thing we find unimaginable–we must trust. In the wilderness we find our worst nightmares and our greatest possibilities.

And though each person’s experience in the wilderness is unique, there is also a sense in which it’s not. There are bigger stories, greater narratives that sweep us off our feet and bring deeper meaning and illumination to our own journey. In fact, this is an invitation to see our journey as it is mirrored in the one great story of Scripture. Our lives are re-narrated by the biblical story. Each of us has a personal journey to make from our own Egypt to the Promise land.

By the way we don’t get to choose the way—the timing or the path. And we’re bound to hit more roadblocks, detours, and dead ends than ever imagined—but no worries. God’s delays always make things better. And his presence reassures us that we never go at it alone. Oh, and I should remind you before we head out of Egypt that there was a man who already navigated this wilderness successfully. Yes, he took this journey too. His name is Jesus. The Exodus was his story and the Exodus is our story. So fasten your seatbelts and let’s navigate this wilderness together.



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