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Navigating the Wilderness: Escape From Egypt

Life Principle: We are not saved by the quality of our faith but, rather, we are saved by the object of our faith. Scripture: Exodus 14:5-31 Pastor Brett Hartman

Navigating the Wilderness: A 40th Anniversary Series

You were in Egypt. Now you’re in the wilderness. Welcome to the wilderness. Welcome to a journey of forty years. Forty years of deepening, humbling, refining, and drawing back into authentic relationship with Him. At the core of this journey is the furnace of...

No One Goes It Alone

Life Principle: God’s delays always make things better and our confidence is in His presence in the detours. Scripture: Exodus 3:1-12 Pastor Brett Hartman

Back To The Basics: On Target

Life Principle: There are no professional performers and no amateur spectators in the church. Scripture: Acts 2:42-47 Pastor Brett Hartman