Back To The Basics: The Boldness To Speak

Life Principle: Our effectiveness as a church is completely dependent on our faithfulness to God’s word. Scripture: Acts 2: 14-41 Pastor Brett Hartman

Rooted In Christ

Life Principle: Since you life is hidden in Christ, your life should reflect Christ is all aspects. Scripture: Colossians 2:6-15 Joe Slack, Youth Pastor

2012 NCF Men’s Retreat: LEAD

Register Here» We all know we’re supposed to lead. And we know God cares about what we do on Sunday morning. But do you realize that there’s much more to leadership than being an elder or deacon? And do you understand that what you do on Monday morning...

Back To The Basics: Commissioned

Life Principle: We don’t gain the victory – we are united to the Victor. Scripture: Matthew 28:18-20 Pastor Phil

Back To The Basics: The Power Of Assurance

Life Principle: God’s work to save and sanctify you is not so that you can enjoy yourself more. It’s so that you might be free and fit to enjoy Christ forever. Scripture: Acts 2 & Romans 8 Pastor Brett Hartman