The Asian Crescent Project 2012

Pastor Brett and Tara are being sent to minister on our behalf in the so-called Asian Crescent – a ministry headed by a long time missionary we support there.  The focus of this mission will be minister to Muslim background people in both Malaysia and Bangladesh.


  1. To observe a church plant; meet our newest missionary family, and discover what it means to be a Muslim Background Believer in a country where it is illegal to convert from Islam to Christianity.
  2. To encourage and develop a deeper relationship with our missionaries, who are committed to the ministry of the gospel in the Asian Crescent.
  3. To assist the Presbyterian church in Malaysia. Brett will speak about “How our understanding of Biblical Theology (Redemptive Historical Approach) shapes the structure of our worship” and then host Q & A and dialogue.
  4. To provide teaching to at least 25 evangelists in Bangladesh in the area of foundations of God’s Kingdom as found in Genesis 1-4.
  5. To return to NCF with some initial understanding as to how such a partnership with the Asian Crescent Project can develop, how we can be engaged with their ministry and they, in turn, with ours–in other words, how we can come alongside them in prayer and support in the years ahead.
  6. To allow our pastor and his wife to see the gospel at work in the lives of people who live in distinctly different cultures, helping Brett and Tara develop a deeper understanding of the essence of the gospel both outside of and within our culture. This should enable NCF to develop an understanding of how to apply the gospel within our own increasingly multi-ethnic culture.


How can we pray for Brett and Tara?

  • For the ability to reflect Jesus Christ throughout the mission.
  • For a smooth adjustment to the international time change.
  • For health, adjustment to new foods and water and God’s total protection.
  • For the Hartman children, and the grandparents who will be looking after them.
  • For friendship and fellowship with in-country missionaries and their families.
  • To see and hear Jesus is at work in new cultures.
  • To comprehend the spiritual and physical needs of Muslim background believers who suffer for their faith.
  • To see how NCF can come alongside these churches and in reverse, how they can come alongside our church, to build the Kingdom of God.
  • For clarity of teaching and listening, especially when having to use a translator (Bangladesh).
  • For continual refreshment, encouragement and total trust.



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