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The Prayer Warrior: Sermon Series

In this series we will  individually and corporately engage the Lord as we focus on the business of prayer. Prayer has been called “the breath of the Christian.”

Just as our bodies cease to function properly when we decline to breathe so the Church will wane when she forgets this one necessary thing—prayer.

Consider this season as an opportunity to repent of your prayerlessness and bring yourselves to attention before God. We will look with Luke on the amazing reality of prayer.

Here are some questions to prime your heart:

  • How is your prayer life?
  • Is your prayer life marked more by duty or delight?
  • Is your approach to the Lord one of grateful communication or mere rigid formality?
  • Why don’t you pray more consistently, earnestly, passionately and expectantly?
  • What steps can and will you take to be more prayerful this next year?


Week 1: Fighting from the knees, be amazed!

Week 2: Fighting from the Knees: The Man Who Wouldn’t Take “Yes” for an Answer





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