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Shalom: Sermon Series

Between decking your halls, cutting out cookies, picking out the perfect present, and keeping up with the hullaballoo of the holidays we can turn Christmas into anything but a time of comfort and joy. That’s why Advent is a special time of preparation; a time of waiting and listening to the existential cry in a season racked with stress and misconception. What we need to find this season is clarity and perspective. And what the God of all creation offers is shalom. Shalom is the place that inspires joyful wonder at the Creator as the Savior opens doors and welcomes the sons and daughters in whom he delights. Shalom is experiencing the love, compassion and kindness poured out upon us by the Lover of our Souls and forgiver of our sins—Christ—the Messiah, the heart-knower, our righteousness before God, our only hope for glory! It is hope that awaits the shadows to become reality but it is the experience of joy that results from promises fulfilled!

Listen: Week One: Shalom

Listen: Week Two: Shalom, Joy On The King’s Highway



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