Shalom: Yearning For Rest

Life Principle: The peace of Christmas is not a mere absence of strife, but the active experience of a relationship with God that promotes total well-being regardless of circumstance. Scripture: Isaiah 9 & Luke 2 Pastor Brett Hartman

Shalom: Sermon Series

Between decking your halls, cutting out cookies, picking out the perfect present, and keeping up with the hullaballoo of the holidays we can turn Christmas into anything but a time of comfort and joy. That’s why Advent is a special time of preparation; a time of...

Where you there on the night Jesus was born?

Of course not, no one alive today was. But we know who was there, the Bible tells us. Mary, Joseph, angels, animals, and shepherds. Since we weren’t there that special night, man has created an annual event to honor and remember this historic event. It’s called the...

Shalom: Joy On The King’s Highway

Life Principle: The only thing standing between the command of God to rejoice and the experience of that joy is a heart that delights more in the things of the world than in God. Scripture: Isaiah 35 & Luke 1 Pastor Brett Hartman