Fall Sunday School Classes

This fall join us for adult education hour at 9:15AM each Sunday. The classes being offered are:

Christ in the Old Testament

This is a class for women taught by author and counselor, Claire Larsen in classroom #4. “Everyone loves a story.” And in this class Claire will present and teach the Biblical narrative, from Genesis to Ruth. The Old Testament presents an unfolding story of God’s (Jehovah’s) faithfulness to his people, and the overarching Old Testament themes of the promises and power of God will be presented each week with practical insights and powerful stories.


The Giants

This is a class taught by Jeff Clay in the Fellowship Hall. In this class Jeff is going to instruct us from the GIANTS of the faith. Come sit at the feet of fallible men magnificently gifted by God, mercifully broken by the cross, and miraculously led by the Spirit to minister in ways that changed the landscape of human history. History, theology, and practical wisdom are bound up in the lives of Saint Augustine, John Bunyan, and Charles Haddon Spurgeon. Come and learn as Jeff unfolds this rich heritage to unearth wisdom from the past that remains true for all God’s people today.



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