Journey Discipleship for Women

Do you want to be a Disciple of Jesus? Pack your bag. The Journey is about to begin.
No matter where you are in your own spiritual journey, Women’s Journey Discipleship will provide you with an opportunity for real, meaningful, life change through life-on-life missional discipleship. What does that mean you may ask? Life-on-life discipleship is a process where the spiritual life of one person is nurtured and mentored by another in a small group setting of from 5-7 women. The result? Women who are equipped to follow Jesus Christ and make other disciples as commanded by our Lord.

What is Journey Discipleship?
The Journey is a 3-year collection of weekly lessons, spanning roughly nine months of each year. The group will use The Journey as a guide for life-on-life missional discipleship. Over the course of the year, you will learn to apply the most significant lessons related to spiritual growth, Biblical understanding, life management, relationships (including marriage), and spiritual skills. The most important growth and learning will come from interactions with the leader and members of your group. Each week, The Journey follows the TEAMS outline based upon the five essential ingredients that foster life change: Truth, Equipping, Accountability, Mission and Supplication.

  • Truth is what God has revealed for His people to know, understand and obey. Truth is critical. However, finding, learning and knowing truth alone does not change lives. A disciple must also be shown how to implement what she knows, and to do so in the context of loving relationships.
  • Equipping is digesting God’s truth until it becomes understandable and usable. Not only does a person need to hear and learn truth, she must also be shown how to use and apply the truth. This takes conversation and interaction with your Journey Group.
  • Accountability is asking (or being asked) hard questions in order to promote godly living. Even though a person is equipped to apply truth, that doesn’t mean she will do it. So, accountability questions are used to encourage each member in their spiritual journey.
  • Mission is engaging with the lost world through word and deed with the intention of imparting the gospel. Mission enhances the hunger to put truth and equipping into use. Each week you will take small steps in learning to effectively relate to, and share the gospel with, those who are without Christ.
  • Supplication is engaging in conversation with God. This includes praying with and for the other members in your group. Truth, equipping, accountability and mission must all be supported by prayer because ultimately, spiritual maturity and equipping is a result of God’s work.

How does it work?
We meet weekly for 1 1/2 hours as a group. These meetings are relaxed, come as you are – physically and spiritually. Your Journey leader will be your coach, guiding the group in creating a supportive, confidential environment that fosters fellowship and openness. Group members encourage one another as they share honestly about the challenges they face and support one another through hard times as they grow spiritually.

What will we cover this year?
This September we will begin with an orientation and introduction to life-on-life discipleship. Next, we spend 6 weeks on just the Gospel, pursuing glory, grace and truth followed by 4 weeks on Grace commitments. We will spend 3 weeks on Knowing God, understanding the tri-unity of God, 4 weeks on how to have a healthy marriage, 7 weeks on developing a Biblical world view and finish with 4 weeks of Godly Parenting.

What is the commitment?
When joining a Journey Group you will be making a covenant to spend around 2 hours per week in study (outside your personal worship time) plus the 1 1/2 hour weekly Journey Group meeting. You will find that the investment of that time will result in blessings as your life is steadily transformed. The Journey is a three-year program based on weekly material and meetings from September to May each year. However, your are only asked to commit to one year at a time.

If you are interested the Journey of a lifetime, or just want more information contact Jo Wright, 975-0877, rjwrite or Donna Casey, 731-1961, jondonkc



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