Summer 2011 Adult Sunday School

This Summer we are offering two Sunday School classes for adults. Join us for teaching and conversation each week at 9:15 AM as we discover God’s truth together and apply it to our lives.

Grace Based Parenting (Pastor Brett Hartman)
Someone a bit ruffled from weathering a tantrum communicated to me that parenting was the most dangerous job on earth. I thought to myself, if that’s the case it has some stiff competition. It needs to vie with Alaskan crab fishing, Calcutta sewer cleaning, and mountain rescuers. Then I recalled incidents at the Hampden pool, the diaper stage, and trying to find my kids in the neighborhood who had no intention of ever being rescued in the first place. And I began to see her point. All this is to say that if parenting isn’t the most dangerous job in the world it remains the most difficult.

Plus, the experts seem to agree. Here’s a list of books from to assist you in your parenting: “The Power of Positive Parenting,” “Scream-free Parenting,” “Parenting with Love and Logic,” “Parenting without Power Struggles,” “1-2-3 Magic: Effective Discipline for Children 2-12,” “Parenting the Strong-Willed Child: Clinically Proven Five-Week Program for Two-to-Six Year-Olds” (Third addition I might add and you can apply it to pets as well), “Getting to Calm,” “Parenting the Explosive Child,” “Raising Freethinkers,” “Siblings Without Rivalry,” “Stop Negotiating with Your Teens,” and my personal favorite, “Raising Happiness.”

After all, we want to raise children who are … “happy” … don’t we? The world, our nation, and more specifically “Toys ‘R’ Us” has done a commendable job at branding whether or not we are successful parents on the notorious “Happiness Factor.” I find it arresting that the Bible never speaks about raising a “happy” child … don’t you?  God doesn’t market a “1-2-3” discipline plan for contentment or a “Proven Five Week Program” for behaviorally correct kids. It’s not because God isn’t interested; He’s just not into marketing. But He does have all the answers.

This summer pastor Brett will be leading a team of experienced teacher-parents on what it means to cultivate a Gospel Centered Home. Some of the topics include (1) Why it takes God to raise a family, (2) What does a Gospel-centered home look like? (3) How do we raise kids that are courageous for Christ? We’ll also spend time discussing topics that deal with grace and the strong-willed child, grace and the angry child, the grace to be different and secure and many others.

Vital Signs of a Healthy Church (Al Herman, RE)
Vital signs [heartbeat, pulse rate, blood pressure, breathing, brain-wave activity] are the measures by which our relative health condition is determined. They are temporally crucial to our bodily health and sustenance. Vital Signs of a Healthy Church are eternally critical to our spiritual health and survival.

We need churches (1) that are self-consciously distinct from the culture; (2) in which the key indicator of success is not evident results but persevering biblical faithfulness; and (3) that help us to recover those aspects of Christianity that are distinct from the world. In this course, we will study those vital signs which render a body of believers a faithful and cultivating church.



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