Vision Ireland Update: April Visit to Lucan Pres

Whew!  Now that we are home and have had a chance to think about things, I am even more amazed at just how great our God is and just how much He loves His people.  Our plane ride home was uneventful.  Then we got in the van.  For future reference…KNOW WHERE YOU ARE GOING when driving around NYC.  We found out the hard way that one wrong turn can add a significant amount of time to your trip!  After missing the on ramp to the parkway we found ourselves gallivanting through the city.  Just as soon as we thought we were back on the highway and headed the right direction we would make another miss turn and get “lost” again.  In all it turned out to be a great experience as we toured downtown Manhattan, saw ground zero, laughed and remarked just how appropriate this “extra trip” was considering all else that had happened on the trip.  We’re all glad to be home in one piece.

2011 Vision Ireland - Team Lucan

Many people have asked about the trip since we returned home and my response has been the same to all:  this was the best mission trip I have ever been on and it was the worst mission trip I have ever been on.  I would never want to go through it again and at the same time I would do it all again in a heartbeat!  God showed up in amazing ways and used things that were difficult and that should have derailed our team and our trip and used them as blessings for us.  We are closer to God because of this trip.  We are closer to each other because of this trip.  Our youth group has grown because of the barriers that were broken down in this trip.  I know that we made an impact on the youth in Ireland.  I know it was a huge impact.  What I’m not sure about is whether or not God might just have used them to have an even bigger impact on us.

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