NCF Mission Update: Vision Ireland 2011

Vision Ireland 2011 is underway!

Many of you remember that we sent a team to Ireland in both 2009 and 2010, the first to survey the work there and the second to engage in ministry with some partnership churches. NCF is in the process of continuing to develop partnerships with Ireland, below you will see some updates that involve you.

This is an opportunity for us to have an impact in one of the least evangelized countries in the world, and the least evangelized country in Europe. Although you will notice various trip opportunities outlined below, do not think of Vision Ireland as just trips – it is a long term vision that involves all of us.

April Visit to Lucan Pres:
In April a small group of teens, Joe Slack and Carol Custer visited the Lucan Presbyterian Church to work on the reconciliation / youth / retreat centre with the Lucan youth group. Pastor Dr. Trevor Morrow made a special request for us to minister to his congregation and the neighborhood. This became an exciting way for our teens to help out, work along side their contemporaries from another culture and learn some nuances of the English language! The team consisted of:

  • Ellen Sherman
  • Jon Lowe
  • Quay San
  • Rachel Krumenacker
  • Rebekah Krumenacker
  • Joe Slack (Team Leader)
  • Carol Custer (Ladies chaperone)

Visit the Vision Ireland – Lucan Presbyternian BLOG!

August Opportunities:
Later this year we now have 2 more opportunities to serve in Ireland. One with the Going Bananas 2011 children’s ministry at Malahide under Pastor Dr. Gary Millar and his wife Fiona, and the children’s program at Lucan under Pastor Dr. Trevor Morrow. The dates for these are:

Malahide: Thursday 4th August – Sunday 14th August (the program itself runs from Saturday 6th through Friday 12th ).
Lucan: Thursday 11th August – Sunday 21st August (the program itself runs from Saturday 13th through Friday 19th ).
Combined Malahide / Lucan: Thursday 4th August – Sunday 21st August.

Last year 3 people went and were really impacted by seeing the opportunity and being able to minister amongst Irish people. This year we know the above 2 events are open to all families, teenagers on their own, singles, and yes, even couples!  The approximate cost will be in the $1,600 range and we will be making final arrangements for this in late spring.

New Missionaries:
NCF has just added Jim and Laura Pettit as missionaries to Ireland (see their page). We are excited about this new addition to Vision Ireland. Our focus is to develop long term relationships through them with the local church as we focus on a partnership model of missions in Ireland.

Visit Jim and Laura’s web site

Skype with Dr. Gary Millar, Malahide, Ireland
Gary Millar spoke to us recently via Skype. He is pastor at the Malahide and Howth Presbyterian Church in Ireland (PCI) where one of the mission opportunities is this August.

Gary reminded us that Ireland never went through the Reformation. Big deal you might think, but what this means is that the Protestant church ethic has never taken root, and that the Catholic Church has not been challenged as it has in many other countries, it remains steeped in superstition and has very little understanding of the gospel. So when you consider that on top of this, the evangelical population is only ~15,000 people in the whole country, it is a major mission field. Can you imagine, there are more Christians in Mechanicsburg than all of the Republic of Ireland! Being a prime mission field, the churches are so grateful for any help they can get.

Your Part:

  • If you are interested in going on the summer missions trip, please contact either Michael Groves or Jim LaGrand as soon as possible.
  • If you are interested in supporting this ministry, please make your checks out to “Vision Ireland” and submit them to the office or put them in the offering plate with a note on the check that this money is for “Vision Ireland Summer Mission”.
  • Please pray for Ireland and these pastors, (Gary and Trevor) who labor in these two churches we are currently involved with.
  • Please pray for the Pettit’s for
    • Putting things in order, saying goodbye to friends and family, and settling deeply into Irish culture which will be hard for us.
    • Pray for them to lean heavily into Christ and to know Him well.
    • Also pray that the remaining support would be gathered.



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